How to Handle a Winter Power Outage

Handling a Winter Power Outage

With all the storm warnings approaching its good to be prepared for any blackouts that might occur. There’s nothing worse then going to grab your flash light and the batteries are dead, with no back up.¬†Knowing what you need to have to weather an outage and having a plan for living through no power is important. Continue reading for tips and tricks to handle your next power outage.

Be Prepared

If you hear on the news about the upcoming storm and its going to be a “big one” then get prepared. Go to the store and stock up on batteries for anything that requires battery use. Get some candles and lighters if you don’t want to use a flashlight, some way of light is needed. Charge up all your electronics before hand cellphones, laptops, DVD player etc. Go to the store and stock up on non-perishable foods like granola bars, chips, nuts and trail mixes, are great to have on hand.

Stay Warm

If you’re not lucky enough to have a fire place in your home, there’s a few things you can do to stay warm. Purchasing a black or dark colored blanket and hanging it from your windows attracts the suns rays, making it warmer. Also using blankets or towels to put under your doors to block any drafts that can come in. Even the warmth from lighting candles around your home is better then nothing. If your stove is gas powered rather then electric you can leave it on for a few, just be cautious to turn it off.

Save Electric

Any electricity you do have, you want to save. Don’t constantly open and close the refrigerator, unplug and switch off anything you’re not using. This also helps for when the power goes back on its not overloading the circuit at once, preventing it from blowing. Leave one light or electronic appliance on so you know when the power comes back. You can even call your electrical company to make sure that its not just your house that lost power.


Regardless if the next storm is a false alarm or if it does cause major power outages, you want to be safe and prepared. Keep emergency numbers in reach and organized. If you have any questions place contact the professionals and we’ll be more then happy to help!


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