February To-Do’s Checklist

4 February To-Dos For Your Home

February blues are hitting hard, with it feeling like winter has been months long and spring still so far away. Need something to do? How about tackling some tasks off your home maintenance list to keep your home clean, organized, and warm. Then you can relax , be stress free and wait for the warmer months.

1.  Keep Sidewalks and Entry Ways Clean 

Ice and snow can make walkways dangerous for any one coming into your home. Aim to shovel snow ASAP instead of waiting, its better to get it over with right? Followed by a sprinkle of  gravel to provide traction. If you plan to be out of town during an expected winter storm, hire someone to clear the sidewalk and front steps of your home while you’re away. Your neighbors and mail man will appreciate it, plus less worry for you when you come home!

2. Check Bathrooms for Moisture

It can be tough to give bathrooms enough air when the house is locked up tight for winter.  Unfortunately, the buildup of moisture can lead to growth of mildew or even harmful mold. Give the bathroom a thorough cleaning, paying close attention to grout, the ceiling and any other areas showing signs of excess moisture. If you live in an area where your lucky enough to have some spring like days, keep the bathroom window open to let your bathroom breath.

3. Spruce Up Your Entryway

Make the first space you see when you come home from a long day look fresh. Clean off the mud and snow, salt, and general dirt build up from the area. Organize winter boots and gear, taking a few extra minutes to clean the porch, floors and put everything in its place. Maybe even add a new table, picture or mirror to make it look brand new.  To keep floors looking their best store some old towels or t-shirts in a basket near the door to wipe up messes.

4. Clean Out All Filters

Go through your home and clean out any filters you may have. Cleaning your heating systems filter will help the heat pump better and be less stressful when you do it before spring. The vent fan on or over the oven or microwave needs to be cleaned regularly to remove any built-up grease. This helps keep the air clean and your family breathing better!


We hope these To-Dos have given you an idea on what your home needs this winter! Remember, if you’re looking around your home and realize you need a few more projects handled that are out of your DIY range, contact the professionals at Super Handyman!


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