Home Renovations and Their Return on Investment

Renovating Your Home to Make Money

Most people don’t think about the return investment when they go to remodel their house, only about how much they will spend in the moment. Whether you are dying to upgrade your kitchen, knock down some walls to open up a room, or kick back in a nice new backyard, it gives you peace of mind knowing that these renovations will pay off in the end. Here is s a list of home remodels and their return on investment.

Attic Insulation

Without a doubt renovating your your attic insulation has highest ROI (return on investment). With a job cost at an average of $1,200 and a resale value of $1,400 this is a renovation you’ll want to look into. Also having a cost recouped at around 116%, score!


Updating your garage is a remodel not a lot of people think to do, but it has a high ROI as well. Costing about $3,000 with a resale value of about $2,500 with a cost recouped at around 90%.  You can do so many things in your fresh new garage. Turn it into a home gym or home office, even the extra space will be good for organization.

Entry Door

Adding a steel door as a front entrance can make your home look COMPLETELY different.  It’ll cost you about $1,300 and a ROI $1,200, a 91% cost recouped. Your friends and family wont recognize your new sleek door  you’ll have to run out to get them.

Deck Addition

Wanting to BBQ and enjoy the summer nights is something that every home owner dreams of. Costing you about $10,000 with a ROI of $7,000 and a 71% cost recouped. The ROI isn’t as much as the rest of the renovations above but its worth it to get the most out of your home by enjoying every minute.


Remolding your home makes your space unique to you and a somewhere you’ll want to be all the time. With whatever home renovation fits your life right now remember it’ll pay off in the long run! If you’re looking for an experienced and licensed contractor to handle your renovations, call us at Super Handyman!


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