Surviving Your Kitchen Remodel

How to Get Through Your Kitchen Remodel

The kitchen is typically the heart of the home, imagine living without it for an extended period of time. It seems like an impossible undertaking, how do you survive without the most important room of your home? As intimidating as this may be, we’re here to inform you how doable it truly is. With proper planning, a little patience and a reliable contractor your kitchen remodel will be well worth it.

Keep reading to learn how to get through your kitchen remodel!

Consider How Long the Project Will Take

A kitchen remodel can take anywhere from one to three months. The actual timeline will vary based on the amount of work you have planned on doing. Be prepared to go without home cooked meals for at least a month.

The typical timeline for a kitchen project typically goes something like this:

  • Finding the right contractor: 2-4 weeks
  • Designing, selecting materials and calculating costs: 1-3 weeks
  • Ordering materials, waiting for products to arrive and gathering permits (if needed): 1-4 weeks
  • Labor: 2-4 weeks

Clear Out as Much as Possible Ahead of Time

If you’ve been putting off giving your kitchen a good reorganizing, it’s time. Before the remodeling work begins you should get rid of anything you no longer use, and set aside anything you may need to set up a temporary kitchen. Remember, the less clutter you have the more bearable it will be to live through the renovation, so take a look at the other rooms in your home while you’re at it!

It’s also important to mentally prepare and know what to expect during a kitchen remodel. Keep an open mind and plan delays – they will happen. Knowing that changes will be made and extensions may be necessary will help you keep your stress at bay. Most of the time, it’s out of your control, so just make a plan to survive without a kitchen and stick with it.

Set Up a Temporary Kitchen

We suggest setting up an area in your home to work as a temporary kitchen. Doing this will make your daily routine easier, as the mess from the renovation will likely already throw your routine off. This will also help you save money on eating out, something that typically happens more often than not when having your kitchen remodeled. Think about what you’ll need to survive, make essential meals in and set them aside. We like to suggest keeping a croc pot, toaster, microwave, Keurig, hot plate and mini fridge (or your regular fridge) plugged in somewhere clean and convenient.

You’re Ready for Your Remodel!

We hope this guide helped you prepare for your kitchen remodel! Remember, to keep your routine as normal as possible, plan ahead. To speed up your process, contact the professionals at Super Handyman for all of your kitchen remodeling needs!


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