Top Home Renovations of 2019

Most Popular Home Renovations in 2019

Thinking about renovating your home to be more “in with the time” but don’t know where to start?  Wanting your home to be up to date is something every homeowner dreams about but not many take action. It’s time to treat yourself to the home of you’re dreams! You’re going to notice a lot of different home renovations in 2019 that you won’t to miss out on. Here are the top home renovation trends you’ll be seeing in 2019.

Upgrading Your Kitchen

You know when a kitchen is outdated the minute you step into it. The kitchen is the room where your family gathers and can spend time together, you want it to look its best. That old refrigerator you’ve been holding onto could be bringing down the look of your entire kitchen.  Splurge on a matching oven and dishwasher to make everything come together! Homeowners take on big projects in the winter when they’re stuck inside, including updating kitchen cabinetry. Cabinet design and details are critical in making upgrades to a kitchen. Adding some fresh countertops can brightener the entire room and make it look completely different.

Making Time for Organization

Another top priority as spring approaches is getting the house in order.About sixty percent of those surveyed said they plan to de-clutter, and clean long-forgotten nooks and crannies of their home. With more time spent inside, it makes sense people notice their cluttered closets and cabinets. Even adding an open closet can make a room look and feel of it being larger. Get in the spring cleaning mode and organize away.

Adding a Room

Have a spare room and not sure what to make of it. Why not make it a guest room so that family and friends who stay the night can have a comfortable space. With family in town for the holidays and beyond, it makes sense 25 percent of homeowners plan to prepare a guest room for visitors. That might mean purchasing new bedding, dusting off the shelves, switching lightbulbs and decluttering. Or maybe a home office to get all the business part of your life organized. Having a quiet space to do work makes all the difference.



Now that you know a little more about what to see in 2019, we hope we made your renovation decision easier! Remember, for all of your remodeling needs contact the professionals at Super Handyman!


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