5 Stunning Deck Ideas

5 Stunning Deck Ideas That’ll Inspire You To Transform Your Backyard

No backyard retreat is complete without a deck built for entertaining! Much like your indoor spaces, your deck can be customized to fit your wants and needs. Since the outdoor deck plays such a key role for your exterior, it’s very important to give your design ample thought before diving in.

Check out these 5 stunning deck ideas below to use as a guide as you bring your outdoor deck together. Remember you want to create both a function and aesthetically pleasing space that will serve your family for years to come.


1. Clean Lines

Decks are an extension of the architecture of your home! They also double as the perfect outdoor living space, especially for social gatherings. This simple above utilizes the lines of the house to provide an extension of the building and a private place for all to enjoy.

2. Mirror Image

Who said your deck had to be all one piece? Integrate your deck into your landscape to provide unique sitting areas surrounded by the many designs and textures you choose to incorporate.

3. Poolside

Contrasting colors and lines help define this poolside sundeck design. Get rid of the boring concrete or patio tiles and replace it with the natural wooden tones that will only add additional interest through the years.

4. Peace & Privacy

Small spaces can be fun to landscape, but often difficult to move around. Using up your narrow areas with a deck alongside privacy fences provides you with the feel of country living, and keeps out prying eyes. Consider adding an umbrella canopy for shade and extra privacy.


5. Up & Out

Bringing your deck to an upper level allows you to expand outwards and take advantage of views surrounding you. This is especially true if you live in a secluded area as you can enjoy more of your chosen destination from a unique




We hope these backyard ideas have inspired you to transform your yard! Remember, if you’re looking to remodel your deck or add onto your home, contact the professionals at Super Handyman!





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