March To-Do’s Checklist

4 March To- Do’s For Your Home

Spring is just around the corner so you need to make sure your home is ready for the weather change. Welcome in the new season with some spring cleaning, fresh flowers, and crisp colors. Whether you have an hour or a weekend to spare take some time to go through your home and see what needs some extra attention after the stormy months. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you get through your checklist and ready for sunnier days!

1. Clean Up Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture can get really grimy over the winter, be sure to give everything a good scrubbing before you start using it for the season. Launder washable outdoor cushion covers and replace worn-out pieces if needed. Always wanted to add some nice backyard or patio furniture? Now is the time to think about adding in some new pieces. Even add a nice deck or fire pit to spruce up your backyard.

2. Remove Winter Layers

Swap out heavy winter bedding for lighter-weight quilts and coverlets. Using lighter more crisp layers to add even more of a spring feel. Also consider changing deep-pile rugs for flat-weave or natural-fiber versions for the warmer months. This is also a good time to clean your slipcovers and furnishings and even swap out for lighter airier pieces. Take this time to also dust any high corners and baseboards you haven’t been able to get to, removing that winter dust.

3. Inspect and Repair Winter Damage

 Once winter storms have passed, carefully inspect the exterior of your home. If you had an ice dam on your roof during the winter, now is the time to repair any damage it caused. Ice dams can do damage not only to your roof, but to gutters as well. Give the siding of your house a look over as well, if the paint has peeled enough on the siding of the house, moisture can begin to infiltrate, causing the wood to begin rotting. Catching these damages early on can save you big cash in the long run.

4. Make a Garden Plan

There’s still time to get your garden growing! Sketch out a plan and jot down ideas for this year’s plantings, as well as any ideas you have for changes to the hardscape, such as putting in a new path or fence. Start some seeds indoors or pick up seedlings at your local nursery. Check botanical gardens for plant sales too, as these can be great places to find native plants that do especially well in your region.


We hope these To-Dos have given you an idea on what your home needs this spring! Remember, if you’re looking around your home and realize you need a few more projects handled that are out of your DIY range, contact the professionals at Super Handyman!


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