5 Awesome Paver Patio Ideas

5 Paver Patio Ideas To Set Your Exterior Apart From The Rest

Last week we covered stunning deck installments, this week were diving into paver patios. With the millions of options that you can choose for your paver patio its easy to get overwhelmed. The structures and shades of pavers can help you create an one-of-a-kind appearance, particularly if you add some unexpected elements to enhance your design. Not sure the design pattern or color scheme you want for your walk way or back yard? We’r’e here to help break down some of your options to make this transformation an exciting one!

1. Color Crazy 

With the wide variety of paver colors you can choose from, why not try more then one? Using three or four complimenting hues can make your backyard really pop! This method also makes it easier to match patio furniture and accent pieces.

2. Outdoor Living

Make a home away from home with a beautiful built in bar, barbecue, fire pit, the possibilities are endless! The designs that you can come up with are absolutely breath taking, your home will be the place where every one will want to be.

3. Pathways

Adding a beautiful paver pathway to lead to either your front door or leading into your backyard is always a nice touch. You can even add lanterns to light up the path making it easier to see and a dreamy touch. You can add bigger stones to line up a tighter path surrounding by smaller stones, making a more “this stones are naturally here” look.

4. Circle Designs 

Designing a circle space where you can sit by the fire, have a conversation and be able to face your company adds a comforting feel to your backyard. Its also great if you have a smaller space that you want to spruce up.

5. Paveart

There is a new trend where you make amazing designs in your pavement. You can use different color pavers to make any kind of design you’d like or you can use bright vibrant colors. Making art in your paver patio is eye catching and will be sure to make everyone that comes in contact with it want it!


We hope these paver patio ideas have inspired you to transform your exterior! Remember, if you’re looking for outstanding paver patios to add onto your home, contact the professionals at Super Handyman!


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